Medicaid Cost Report Preparation

Medicaid state reports are often extensively desk audited by State entities up to and including a State's Office of the Inspector General. As part of  increasing efforts by Medicaid agencies to recoup funds, many reports which are submitted with figures at or near caps are more highly scrutinized (up to and including field audit).

MFS is available to prepare your reports professionally and to interact with your auditors whenever required. The cost of this representation is included with the price of your report preparation.

We have been preparing and analyzing Medicaid cost reports in many States since their inception. We not only prepare your annual reports accurately, but for those States where retrospective Medicaid recoupment is a reality we can prepare also review your financial status on an interim basis as well.

We have over 35 years of Medicaid cost report preparation and reimbursement experience. We currently prepare Medicaid cost reports for over 100 Texas client facilities as well as for other client facilities around the country. We have an excellent relationship with state Medicaid reimbursement and audit agencies.

With our state of the art systems and software, we not only prepare your reports accurately but efficiently as well. This allows our firm to offer very competitive pricing arrangements.

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