Medicare Cost Report Preparation

Preparing an annual CMS Medicare Cost Report can sometimes be a daunting task.  Ever changing regulations coupled with the reconciliation of CMS billing records to your books can make the preparation process time consuming and complicated.

Preparation accuracy and timeliness are the key to maintaining your ongoing access to Medicare payments. A delay in payments caused by an incomplete or inaccurate cost report could be crippling to a facility's cash flow.  Fortunately, this problem is completely avoidable.

MFS is your solution.  We know the players.  We know the regulations. We understand your reporting and paperwork requirements. We have extensive experience in Medicare cost reporting - your report will be prepared accurately and timely.  We will meet all CMS regulations and exceed your personal expectations.

However, our service doesn’t end with the preparation of the report. Each cost report prepared by MFS includes FREE post preparation assistance.  This ensures that an expert is available to assist you in dealing with any audit issues or questions that may arise.

MFS will be there at every level of the reporting process.  You can be confident that we are here to provide you with what every provider needs - more time to dedicate to the business of delivering quality care.

      We offer a wide range of Medicare reports, including but not limited to:

  •   Nursing Home/Skilled Nursing Facility Cost Reports (NF)
  •   Home Health Cost Reports (HHA)
  •   Hospice Cost Reports
  •  Home Office Cost Reports
  •  Low Utilization Cost Reports
  •  Terminating Cost Reports
  •  Prior Year Cost Report Reviews and Evaluations

Our standard pricing is simple.  The cost of preparing and supporting a Medicare NF, HHA, and Hospice report is $2,500 per report.  The pricing for Home Office reports can vary based upon the size and complexity of your organization.

MFS does offer QUANTITY DISCOUNTS based on the number of reports you wish to have prepared. Feel free to contact us with your needs and receive a quote today.

Call or e-mail us today.  Don't settle for less than the MFS Standard of excellence.