Why MFS?

We know the regulations. We know the system. We know the players.  We have over 35 years of executive-level experience in health care reimbursement, healthcare reporting, healthcare financial management, and general financial consulting matters. For this reason, MFS is a one stop solution for all your healthcare reporting needs.

Public funding policies have made it necessary for State and Federal agencies to trim and sometimes even outsource their audit staff.  These auditors are often under-trained and have minimal, if any, experience with healthcare industry audit matters.  Essentially, they are following someone's cookie-cutter audit playbook.

On top of this, the agencies utilizing these audit staff are requiring them to focus their primary efforts on areas where an adverse audit finding will permit the auditing agency to recoup funds or otherwise create an opportunity to financially penalize the party being audited.

These practices, while theoretically designed to deliver audits more economically and efficiently, are often thinly veiled attempts by the auditing agencies to justify their ongoing budgetary requirements to the politicians who make the decisions on their budgets.  For a seasoned degreed accountant and preparer who knows the rules and understands the systems, contact us today.